The history of golf goes back to 1300. y., when it was played by one stick and one ball. Today golf is one of the most popular and most famous sports in the world. There are 70 million registered golf players noways. Each year 1.5 to 3 millions new golfers join the statistics.

The benefits of golf are countless:

  • It is played outdoors surrounded by nature
  • You can start to play golf at any age
  • A walk of eight kilometres is an excellent exercise which burns thousand of calories and keeps you fit.
  • Golf is a sport which builds character, teaches you to be patient, to be honest and to present yourself in all your diversity
  • Golf is a family sport as well

They say golf is like life…
But don’t believe them…
Golf is more complicated than that.

These are the words of a professional golfer. We are not pointing them to discourage you. On the contrary. It’s beauty lies in its complexity.